Why Do We Allow Infinite Wealth Accumulation

Introductory comments by Lionel Enright. The referenced article may be found at the link immediately below Lionel’s comments.

We don’t allow it!  It is THEY who are in control. They have set the rules and created the vertical playing field in their favour through the present Political Process.  David  Korten explains the whole process as well as what needs to be done to rectify it .

Problem THEY not only control the mentioned corporations they also control the political Process which should / could be our route to correction.

So…. If WE who are the losers are going to change things we need to realize that WE must gain control of the governing and legislative process to change all of the laws which have enabled them to be the Robber Barons which they are.  We obviously cannot do this through the present Captive Political Process!!  We need to follow Iceland’s process where an agreed coalition agreed to fire the Banksters as well as refusing their claims for interest payment, rewrote the constitution and thereby gained control .

To succeed WE  – a large number of well informed citizens –  need to be armed with the detailed truth which is presented by Korten, determine the changes needed and tell our collective governments the game is up.

Even with a large number of informed people who would demand required changes there is the whole collective process of Global finance and Captive  Governments which would fight with all of their (our ) resources to prevent losing their Position of Privilege. ( Pandora Papers )

However the biggest and first challenge is to get any TWO of THE SHEEP to agree upon who is the BIG BAD WOLF .