Global movement primarily, but not solely, concerned with climate change and the global environment.

Basic Income Canada Network

National Canadian organization promoting the cause of a national Basic Income. Hosts many good articles, among others concerning Ontario’s new Pilot Project.

Basic Income Earth Network

Basic Income Earth founded in 1986 to serve as a link between individuals and groups interested in basic income issues- hosts lots of good articles.

Broadbent Institute

Another centre-left think tank – it has a bi-weekly email newsletter

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

A centre-left think tank, worth joining for their “Monitor” publication

Canadian Citizens Coalition for Monetary Reform

Changing the way money is created to serve society.
We are a non-partisan coalition of organizations and all concerned citizens from across Canada, campaigning to change the way money is created in our country.

Canadian Electoral Alliance

Canadian Electoral Alliance is a volunteer group that met for the first time in October 2011. The goal is basic electoral reform, to make every vote count, to revitalize Canadian democracy.

Canadian Peace Alliance

Canadian Peace group active since 1949.

COMER- Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform

Canadian group advocating “renaissance” of the publicly owned Bank of Canada as a lending source for the Federal and Provincial governments, to avoid wasteful interest payments.

Council of Canadians

Cross-country organization of progressive Canadians

Dauphin Mincome Report

Full report summarizing results of Dauphin Manitoba Mincome experiment, 40 years later!

Democracy Watch

Cleaning up and making governments and corporations more accountable to you, and making Canada the world’s leading democracy.

Direct Party and Representative Voting

British website promoting a system similar to SMPP. This website explains how special Parliamentary situations (e.g. Free Votes) can be handled.


The primary organization leading the fight for proportional representation in Canada.

International Movement for Monetary Reform

A global movement to democratize money so that it works for society and not against it.

Lead Now

A leading coordinator of groups across Canada concerned with rescuing our democracy


Victoria BC anti-poverty group. The website has many articles.

Ontario Government Basic Income Project

Senator Hugh Segal’s report to the Ontario Government.

Positive Money

British organization. Positive Money is a movement for a fair, democratic and sustainable money system.

Public Banking Institute

American organization promoting the establishment of public banks, similar to our Bank of Canada, which is publicly owned by all Canadians!

Results of Dauphin Man, Mincome plan of 1970s (CBC)

CBC article summarizing results of Dauphin Man, Mincome plan of 1970s.


A movement of consumers, workers, and shareholders speaking with one voice to counterbalance the growing power of large corporations.

The Tyee

On-line news website, BC based, covering national issues