Covid Corruption, Privileged Parasites & the Gilded Circle

Preamble and commentary by Lionel Enright

This is George at his best.

We also need to understand that this same process of Oligarch domination is taking place in our country.

Some people can’t see it and would shout, “ Oh horrors No “  !!  But this is a global system, and WE are equally caught in its web.  Once you have uncovered a little of it, it’s omnipresence becomes obvious.  The first place to start is to examine THE MONETARY SYSTEM as explained by Ellen H. Brown.

Once one realizes that under this system we have an unnecessary DEBT on which we Pay compound interest to the private financial system at the rate of 30 to 50 Billion a year – depending upon the year and circumstances – and that Austerity budgets, which cut benefits to THE PEOPLE, are necessary to pay the PRIVATE controllers of the in place monetary system.

We also need to know that Our proud province of Ontario is one of the most indebted sub- National regions in the world.

Our present and recent provincial governments seek “proper financial“ guidance from the “Private Sector“ experts, as in the  ( T, D.’s ) Drummond Report, (90 suggestions on how best to hand our wealth over to the Private sector), to best manage their fiscal responsibilities. Which advice led to Ontario selling (handing over) its publicly built Ontario Hydro. The private banks “managed“ this sale, a process for which they were well rewarded.  These processes go on with regularity, are reported in the press, and are largely accepted as business as usual, which unfortunately they are.

The same processes occur at the Federal level – wealth transfers to the private sector – but it is all processed with little public suspicion or awareness as to what theft of public resources is really occurring.

The FOX is indeed in our henhouse as well.