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Submission to the Special Committee on Electoral Reform

August, 2016   SMPP – THE SIMPLEST POSSIBLE WAY TO REAL ELECTORAL REFORM   In this submission, the Citizens’ Democracy Forum (see note*) has assumed that the Electoral Reform Committee intends to recommend to Parliament the system:     a) that best approaches the ideal – that is, that produces a Parliament that truly reflects the political…

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Employment Opportunities

Will robots steal your job? replace humans? are bots the future of finance? or flipping burgers, or making pizzas?  It is difficult to ignore the reality and forecasts of robots continuing to replace humans. Will lots of new jobs arise to replace those lost? An article at RT entitled “21st-century industrial revolution: Will robots steal…

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Eggleton Letter

Senator Art Eggleton Parliament of Canada, Ottawa 7 March, 2016 Dear Senator Eggleton Re: your article “Time To Try Basic Income For All Canadians”             in National Observer of 29 February, 2016 The Citizens Democracy Forum strongly endorses your call for a program to show the feasibility of establishing a guaranteed basic annual income. Our…

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Bank of Canada and National Debt

  Bank of Canada,the National debt and Infrastructure funding Canada faces problems similar to those found in most ‘first world’ countries- relatively high unemployment, stagnant wages for workers, and a struggling economy. Under these circumstances, investment in infrastructure is a classic government approach to address these problems. Infrastructure-creating projects have in the past included the…

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