The Citizens Democracy Forum is an informal gathering of citizens who are concerned about the significant decline of the practice, access and accountability in Canada’s democratic processes in recent years. Our objective is to share these concerns with our fellow citizens, to offer thoughtful responses to issues as they arise, and to offer positive remedial proposals through informational, educational and political actions.

Who We are

The Citizens' Democracy Forum is a group of Canadians concerned with a variety of issues facing Canada.

We are affiliated with no political party, corporation or government agency, at any level.

We receive funding from no corporation, organization, or government agency, at any level.

Our members are, for the most part, resident in South Eastern Ontario, but our concerns are Local, Regional, Provincial and National.

We have no paid staff- we are all concerned volunteers.

Our website is updated when we have something to update.

We encourage contact with other, like minded, groups.

There is a brief overview of our organization on YouTube from start to 4:45 odd.

What is New

  • The National Debt continues to rocket skywards
  • The 2015 federal election STILL WON'T be the last FPP (first-past-post) election, and Liberals like Omnibus bills to limit MPs 'meddling' in the agenda.
  • Instead of using the Bank of Canada for zero-cost loans, Canada has created a new 'bank'- a Crown Corporation to fund Infrastructure investment using money borrowed at compound interest from private organizations (driving the debt higher!). The Bank of Canada could be used to alleviate this, if only our government would let it!
  • So, really, none of THAT is new, except the details!
  • While automation continues to eliminate jobs some jurisdictions like Ontario, finally, investigate a Universal Basic Income for all citizens!
  • New is the growing concern over increasing automation of jobs, job loss, downward pressure on wages and the increasing interest in a Universal Basic Income
  • A link to the YouTube video outlining the various forms of Proportional Representation including SMPP.
  • A link to a new article in Canadian Dimension about the Bank of Canada by Dr John Ryan.

Our Current Concerns

  • Utilize the Bank of Canada for funding Federal and Provincial loans.
  • Modernise Canada’s voting System- implement Proportional Representation
    using SMPP model!
  • Implement a Universal Basic Income/Guaranteed Annual Income/Negative Income Tax system in Canada
  • Repeal of the (un)Fair Elections Act
  • Global Climate Change, Environmental Issues, and World Conflicts/Peace


Submission to the Special Committee on Electoral Reform

August, 2016   SMPP – THE SIMPLEST POSSIBLE WAY TO REAL ELECTORAL REFORM   In this submission, the Citizens’ Democracy Forum (see note*) has assumed that the Electoral Reform Committee intends to recommend to Parliament the system:     a) that best approaches the ideal – that is, that produces a Parliament that truly reflects the political…
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Employment Opportunities

Will robots steal your job? replace humans? are bots the future of finance? or flipping burgers, or making pizzas?  It is difficult to ignore the reality and forecasts of robots continuing to replace humans. Will lots of new jobs arise to replace those lost? An article at RT entitled “21st-century industrial revolution: Will robots steal…
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Eggleton Letter

Senator Art Eggleton Parliament of Canada, Ottawa 7 March, 2016 Dear Senator Eggleton Re: your article “Time To Try Basic Income For All Canadians”             in National Observer of 29 February, 2016 The Citizens Democracy Forum strongly endorses your call for a program to show the feasibility of establishing a guaranteed basic annual income. Our…
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Bank of Canada and National Debt

  Bank of Canada,the National debt and Infrastructure funding Canada faces problems similar to those found in most ‘first world’ countries- relatively high unemployment, stagnant wages for workers, and a struggling economy. Under these circumstances, investment in infrastructure is a classic government approach to address these problems. Infrastructure-creating projects have in the past included the…
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